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Save Money with AllFly's Ticket Protection Program

Receive cash back on cancelled American, Delta, United, and select Southwest tickets.

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Benjamin Franklin once said, “in this world, nothing is certain but death and taxes.” 

If good old Ben was a travel agent in 2023, he would amend that statement to say, “in this travel world, nothing is certain but delays and cancellations.”

Each year, billions of dollars worth of corporate airfare is booked and subsequently canceled. This results in companies losing millions of dollars. 

(That’s a ton of Benjamins, get it?!)

We at AllFly understand the importance of corporate travel and the need for flexibility, especially in these uncertain times. That's why we've introduced our exclusive Ticket Protection Program - a unique offering that helps protect corporate sponsors from losing the value of canceled flights.

Here's how the program works: If you cancel a ticket more than 24 hours prior to departure, we refund the cost of the ticket to the company, minus a nominal $50 fee.

Please note that the Ticket Protection Program is limited to American, Delta, United, and select Southwest fares. If a cancellation happens on another airline, AllFly simply follows that airline's rules pertaining to cancellations.

This is a game changer when it comes to corporate travel, as canceled tickets usually result in eCredits that go unused, making the value of that ticket lost to the company.

AllFly Delta Ticket
Screenshot of an eCredit (from a cancelled flight) on Delta

With AllFly's Ticket Protection Program, you no longer have to worry about this. We want to ensure that not only do you have the flexibility to make changes to your travel plans, but also that your company's investment in travel is protected.

As a travel agency, we strive to make booking and managing travel as seamless as possible. That's why we are proud to offer our clients this unique program. To enroll or for more information, reach out to us today.

Your corporate, group, and event travel just got even better with AllFly's Ticket Protection Program.

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