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Ticket Protection Plan (TPP)

Experience worry-free travel with AllFly's Ticket Protection Plan (TPP).

  • Overview of the Ticket Protection Plan:T he Ticket Protection Plan (TPP) is a unique offering by AllFly to its customers, providing cash back on non-refundable tickets across specified travel classes (economy, premium economy, business, and first class) for the following airlines: Delta, United, and American.
  • Eligibility Criteria:To be eligible for the TPP, the following conditions must be met:The traveler must contact AllFly and successfully cancel their ticket no less than 24 hours prior to departure.The airline ticket must be paid for in full by AllFly. AllFly will subsequently invoice the company for the ticket value, which is typically included in a master bill or final invoice.AllFly must be the entity that pays the airline directly. Tickets not eligible for TPP include, but are not limited to, scenarios where:The traveler pays for a seat upgrade either through AllFly or externally.The traveler pays for their ticket directly.The sponsoring company pays for travel on a company credit card.
  • Special Conditions for American Airlines:For tickets on American Airlines, the TPP applies with the following exception:When a fare is lower on compared to AllFly's offerings, AllFly will ticket the lower fare. However, if the fare is purchased directly on or directly with the airline, the TPP will not apply. AllFly Quest has an NDC connection with American Airlines ensuring rate parity between our system and
  • Exclusions:BASIC ECONOMY fares are excluded from the TPP.For cancellations on airlines outside the TPP, as an IATA and ARC registered travel agency, AllFly adheres to the terms & conditions of those airlines. Typically, the value of a canceled ticket is converted into an eCredit assigned to the individual traveler.
  • Cost and Reimbursement Process:The cost of the TPP is $50 per ticket. In the event of a cancellation, the reimbursement will be credited to the company's final invoice, minus the TPP cost. For example, if a $500 economy ticket on Delta is canceled 48 hours prior to departure, the company will receive a credit of $450 on their final invoice.
  • Disclaimer Regarding Traveler & Airline Actions:While AllFly acts as the merchant of record for most tickets purchased under the TPP, there are instances where an airline, included in the TPP, may allow a traveler to assert control over the ticket record.

In such situations, AllFly cannot guarantee or protect against all possible outcomes, including instances where the traveler may arrange for a refund to be issued to their personal account. In these circumstances, it becomes the responsibility of the Company to address and resolve the matter directly with the traveler in order to reclaim any refunded funds.

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