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Flight Cost Estimator

Our advanced flight cost calculator takes the guesswork out of budgeting for airfare.  We use a powerful flight price predictor to analyze historical data, including median fares, available classes of service, and seasonal trends, to provide you with the most accurate flight cost estimates. This ensures you have a clear picture of your potential business travel costs before you book your next business trip.

Flight Cost Estimator
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Advanced Flight Cost Analysis

For highly specific travel needs, such as pinpointing exact flight routes and availability, we offer customized flight cost estimates.  These in-depth analyses go beyond the capabilities of our standard flight cost calculator.  Our custom quotes start at $85/hour and provide a more granular understanding of your potential travel costs.

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Creating a flight analysis in minutes

Before AllFly, we used to spend hours just to putting together an airfare analysis for our client. Forecast allows us to present an air budget in minutes, rather than hours. We also found it to be more accurate too!

Julie Williams


Forecast is the easiest way to compare multiple destinations for corporate meetings and incentive trips. We can compare Miami to Cancun to Cabo in a matter of minutes.

Maya Lorton


Optimize Business Travel with AllFly's Forecast

While budgeting is a crucial aspect of business travel planning, AllFly's flight cost calculator, also known as Forecast, offers a range of benefits that extend far beyond simply estimating costs. Here's how Forecast empowers businesses to optimize their travel strategies:

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Strategic Planning

Gain valuable insights into historical flight cost trends for specific routes and travel seasons. This knowledge allows you to make informed decisions about booking windows and potentially save on airfare during off-peak periods.

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Data-Driven Decisions

Move beyond guesswork and base your travel planning on concrete data. Forecast's comprehensive analysis provides a clear picture of potential flight costs, enabling you to allocate resources efficiently and stay within budget constraints.

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Improved Negotiation Power

Armed with accurate flight cost estimates, travel managers can negotiate more effectively with airlines for group bookings. This can lead to significant cost savings for your company.

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Streamlined Workflow

Forecast simplifies the travel planning process by automating time-consuming tasks like researching flight prices and analyzing trends. This frees up valuable time for travel managers to focus on other strategic initiatives.

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Enhanced Visibility

Gain a deeper understanding of your company's overall travel spend. Forecast provides detailed reports that can be used to identify cost-saving opportunities and track travel budget allocations across different departments.

By leveraging these functionalities, AllFly's flight cost calculator becomes a powerful tool for businesses to not only manage budgets effectively but also gain a strategic advantage in travel planning.

Reduce Business Travel Costs

The Power of Flight Cost Estimation

The flight cost calculator is an invaluable tool for streamlining corporate travel, business trips, offsite meetings, and even team retreats. Designed to empower travel managers of small and large businesses, our flight cost estimator delivers a powerful combination of cost savings and logistical efficiency. Forecast helps you stay within budget while simplifying the complexities of business travel arrangements.

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Estimate airfare for your next meeting
Supercharge Your Travel Strategy

Unleash Customized Flight Cost Reports

Looking for reporting tailored to your company's specific travel needs? AllFly goes beyond basic estimates with our advanced flight cost analysis. We provide customized travel cost reports that deliver the granular data you need to make informed decisions.

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