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How does group airfare get priced?

Airlines price main cabin seats at the lowest fare class. Once that fare class is exhausted, the next highest fare class will be booked. The final fare is then averaged and a slight discount is applied.

Why is there a booking fee?

In the past, group customers would hold space across multiple airlines with little intention that the group actually materializes. On the airline's side, the booking fee is designed to reduce cancellations.

What are the benefits of group fares?

Group contracts allow you to lock in a price for more than 10 people while giving the flexibility to delay payments and cancel if needed.

Can I change names on a group contract?

Yes. You can change names up until 72 hours prior to departure on group contracts.

Can I hold all the seats on the plane?

Most airlines will only sell 50-60% of the main cabin to groups. Southwest and JetBlue will allow your group to take all the space on the plane. Chartering allows you to buy out the plane but is different than buying group space.

When do my seats get assigned with group contracts?

Your seats get assigned when your group submits final payment and receives their tickets. This usually happens between 30-45 days prior to travel.

Are group fares cheaper?

Yes and no. On the surface, sometimes group fares appear more expensive that published rates. This is due to the flexible terms on group contracts. But it is more complicated than meets the eye.

Do all airlines offer group contracts?

Most airlines offer group contracts, but not all.

Who do you work with?

We work with meeting planners and companies who are booking travel for meetings, incentives, and team offsites. Currently, we only work with companies who are sponsoring the attendees travel.

How do you save companies money on airfare?

If permitted, we set up contracts with each airline which typically give between 2-10% off published rates. We also have features like free refundability and name changes that typically save clients thousands each trip.

Is there a minimum group size to use AllFly Meetings?

No. While there is more savings and efficiency with larger groups, we often do small trips as well.

How much do you charge?

When traveling on a group contract, we do not have any ticketing fees. When traveling on an individual ticket, we charge a small fee per ticket.

Can you book international?

Yes. We book travelers from around the world regularly.

Do you have 24/7 support?

Yes. Our team prides itself on our commitment to service, meaning we offer live-agent 24/7 service.

Can travelers upgrade and pay the difference?

Yes! We offer travelers the ability to upgrade and pay the difference. For example, say the main cabin price is $500, but the traveler wants to upgrade to first class. We can bill the company the main cabin fare and then the traveler the difference.

Can travelers upgrade with miles?

We recommend they do so inside of the airline's app. Third party travel agencies do not have the ability to transact with airline miles.

Will I get an arrival and departures list for my trip?

Yes. We have a fantastic reporting suite that gives you total insight into your travel program.

What is the process to get started?

After we conduct a short demo, we will send over a Services Agreement to review. Should you want to use AllFly, we will send over a deposit invoice. We will ask for a list of approved travelers, so they can be loaded into the sytem.

How should people cancel or change their tickets?

Should a traveler want to cancel their ticket or make a change to their trip, they should contact us directly at meetings@allfly.io. If they need immediate assistance, please call us directly.

Can I set up travel policy to help save money and control the budget?

Yes. During your onboarding call, your account manager will ask about what parameters you wish to enforce. Typically, companies set up a bunch of conditions that require the traveler to seek approval from a manager.


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