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Delta Airlines
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Group Travel with AllFly 

AllFly's Marketplace for group travel is a game-changer for organizers seeking a convenient and efficient way to book group flights with Delta. The platform allows users to access competitive group pricing from Delta Airlines and various other carriers, providing a one-stop-shop for all your group travel needs.

With the intuitive design of AllFly's Marketplace, organizers can effortlessly compare options, ensuring they make well-informed decisions based on their group's requirements. This eliminates the need for time-consuming phone calls with Delta Airlines and streamlines the booking process.

Delta Airlines Group Contract Policies:

Delta Airlines understands the intricacies of group travel and has established a set of comprehensive Group Contract Policies to ensure a smooth and efficient booking process. Here's an overview of Delta Airlines' Group Contract Policies:

  • Minimum Group Size: Delta Airlines requires a minimum of ten passengers to qualify for group travel and lets you book up to 240 days prior to departure if traveling within the  US, Canada, Caribbean,  Central America, or Asia. If your group is traveling to Europe, Africa, or the Middle East, flights can be booked up to 331 days prior.
  • Booking Process: Initiate the group booking process by reaching out to Delta's dedicated Group Sales Department or fill out their form online. A customized contract will be crafted, detailing the terms and conditions specific to your group.
  • Deposit: If you have booked your group travel with Delta at least 90 days before the flight’s departure, the booking deposit will be due within 24 days of the flight departure date.
  • Payment: A credit card is the only method of payment that Delta accepts.
  • Finalizing Details: Delta Airlines allows for name changes up to a specified timeframe before departure. It's crucial to finalize passenger details and any necessary adjustments well in advance of the travel date.
  • Sadly, you can not request Skymiles upgrades on group contracts.

Travel for Meetings and Events with Delta and AllFly

AllFly Quest is a platform we have designed specifically for Meeting and Event Travel and is designed to cater specifically to the needs of corporate travelers. Whether it's a business meeting, offsite, or incentive trip, this feature provides a streamlined solution for securing airfare with Delta Airlines. Travelers have the ability to book their own flights under one corporate payment and we apply meeting discounts on the back end.

AllFly’s Ticket Protection Program with Delta Airlines

AllFly's Ticket Protection Program adds an extra layer of peace of mind for corporate travel organizers. This innovative program provides cash back on canceled flights from Delta Airlines, offering financial protection in unforeseen circumstances. This feature is unique to AllFly and ensures flexibility under unexpected circumstances.

Group travel with Delta Airlines becomes a fast and easy journey with the innovative features AllFly has to offer. Marketplace for Group Travel, Quest for Meeting and Event Travel, and the Ticket Protection Program collectively enhance the group travel experience, offering convenience, flexibility, and peace of mind. Elevate your Delta group travel planning with AllFly!

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