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AllFly is a full service travel management company that specializes in booking flights for meetings, incentives, and team offsites. We built AllFly Quest as the first online booking platform built specifically for the meetings & events world.

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AllFly Quest is an online booking engine built for meetings & events

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How does AllFly work?

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AllFly books air travel for meetings and events in two ways:
  • Online - we deploy an online booking tool called AllFly Quest
  • White glove - companies provide us a list of attendees and our agent team reaches out to book travel

What types of meetings does AllFly book?

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AllFly books air travel for meetings in which the company or a single payer is sponsoring travel.

Typically, these are incentive trips, corporate meetings, and team offsites.

What does AllFly do for associations or city-wides?

Typically, we don’t book travel for associations, city-wides, or trips where the individual is responsible for paying for their own travel. We do however offer to set up discount codes with the airlines for the client to share with their partners.

What is the process for getting started?

We find it best to start each relationship off with a quick 30 minute video call. During the call, we demo the product and take in the details of the company's travel needs.

Do you offer white glove service?

Yes. Service is at the heart of what we do. We offer 24/7 agent support in case of cancellations or flight disruptions.

We also pair each account with a dedicated sales manager and account manager, meaning you will have no problem getting on the phone with someone on our team.

Can I see a demo of the booking engine?

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Do you book charters and private planes?

Yes! Simply reach out to your sales manager to get started with a quote.

Do you book group contracts with the airlines?

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Yes! Group contracts are our bread and butter. You can make your group request directly with your sales manager.

There are some pros and cons with using group contracts for corporate meetings.

Do you have a tool to help my client budget for air?

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Yes! Forecast is the easiest way to help planners budget airfare.

Best part of all, its free to use. Try Forecast out.

When there someone has to cancel or change a ticket, how does that work?

In order to cancel or change a ticket, we recommend getting in touch with your account manager via phone or email.
Introduce AllFly to your client via email
We set up a demo & learn about travel needs
If the client wants to use AllFly, we send an MSA
The client sends us a .XLS or .CSV of all the approved attendees emails
AllFly Quest (the booking portal) is created  and shared with the client
AllFly will send the client a deposit. Once paid, booking can begin
Client shares the booking link with the attendees, everyone books!

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