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Letting Employees Book Themselves for a Corporate Offsite

Molly Lombardo
Molly Lombardo
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Company: A software startup with a culture of employee empowerment.

  • Solution: The company established a travel budget and broad guidelines for flights and hotels. Employees were trusted to book their own travel arrangements within these parameters.
  • Challenge: To create a more engaging work environment, the company decided to host a team-building offsite. Inspired by the desire to empower employees and streamline travel processes, they opted for a self-booking travel program.


  • Cost Overruns: Despite the budget, overall travel expenses soared by 20%. Employees, unfamiliar with corporate travel best practices, booked premium cabins and higher-end hotels, exceeding per diem rates for meals.
  • Missed Flights and Delays: Several employees, overwhelmed by personal travel schedules, neglected to book return flights, leading to last-minute scrambles and additional costs.
  • HR Overload: The program placed a significant burden on the HR coordinator managing the offsite. Resolving booking errors, managing budget overruns, and fielding employee questions consumed a large portion of her time.
  • Employee Resentment: Stricter expense report reviews after the trip caused frustration among employees who felt micromanaged after being trusted with booking their travel.

Lesson Learned: Streamlining Travel with AllFly

The company's self-booked travel program highlighted the importance of a structured approach to corporate travel. While some employees may crave the convenience of booking their own flights and hotels, prioritizing personal points and rewards can lead to issues like exceeding budgets and neglecting travel policies.

The AllFly Solution:

This experience prompted the company to explore AllFly, a corporate travel management software designed to address the challenges encountered. Here's how AllFly can benefit.


  • Simplified Booking: AllFly offers a user-friendly platform that streamlines the booking process for employees, saving time and reducing booking errors. This eliminates the burden of independent research while maintaining a level of convenience.
  • Policy Enforcement: AllFly allows companies to set clear travel policies and ensures employees book within budget limitations. Pre-negotiated rates and flight options guarantee cost-effectiveness while offering a curated selection that adheres to company guidelines.
  • Centralized Management: AllFly provides a central hub for managing all travel arrangements. This eliminates the administrative burden on HR, allowing them to focus on other aspects of the offsite experience.
  • Duty of Care: With AllFly, the company can easily track employee locations throughout the trip. This is crucial for ensuring employee safety in case of emergencies and provides peace of mind for the company.
  • Use of Points & Rewards: Travelers can still take advantage of airline loyalty programs & rewards.


The start-up's experience demonstrates the need for a balance between employee autonomy and cost-effective travel management. AllFly offers a solution that promotes streamlined booking, policy adherence, and employee safety, resulting in a smoother and more successful corporate travel experience for all involved.


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