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Streamlining Group Travel with AllFly Marketplace

Molly Lombardo
Molly Lombardo
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A high school ice hockey sports team from Texas experienced a milestone year, clinching victory in the championship game within their high school division. This marked a significant period for many team members, as they actively sought opportunities with various colleges. The prospect of scouting opportunities heightened when rumors circulated about a major tournament in France, anticipated to attract numerous scouts from prominent universities. The potential impact of this opportunity was invaluable for the future endeavors of the teammates.

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The Challenge

Sports teams, especially ones that feature minors, need to guarantee they all fly on the same flight. Currently, almost all airlines limit you to booking 6 to 9 passengers on the same record. Also, the airline requires you to pay in full when purchasing published fare tickets from their website.

This high school hockey team needed a fast and easy way to secure 30 seats on a plane, all at once while delaying payment. The team also has budget constraints, so calling 3-4 airlines and waiting days to get a quote from the airline group desk is a non-starter.

The Solution

The tour operator found AllFly by searching for group travel management companies online. What caught their attention was the user-friendly marketplace for searching group flights. Immediately, they noticed that instead of calling the airline group desk for an over the phone quote, they could simply shop only, like they do for a single ticket.

One notable aspect for the tour operator was AllFly's ability to automate many offline processes, eliminating the hindrances that typically slow down business operations. Additionally, the dedicated account manager assigned to them stood out. AllFly's team seamlessly integrated into their operations, promoting efficiency and generating cost savings for the tour operator.

The Impact

Less Frustration, More Firm Responses

Obtain firm answers with AllFly Marketplace. You can search flights for groups of 10 or more without the need for a phone call. This platform empowers you to take a realistic look at your budget, facilitating confident decision-making. AllFly Marketplace stands out as the simplest method to search, book, and manage group trips online.

Say goodbye to the inconvenience of phone calls and dealing with the outdated group processes of airlines. AllFly allows you to skip the hassle by automating numerous offline processes, ensuring your business operates smoothly and efficiently.

"Collaborating with a dedicated account manager provided me with the assurance that we've meticulously researched to ensure: 1) a safe journey to our destination, 2) solid support from someone well-versed in group contracts, and 3) the avoidance of being stranded on hold during phone calls."

Dedicated Account Manager to eliminate stress

Benefit from a Dedicated Account Manager catering to all your needs. Each account is carefully paired with its own dedicated manager, seamlessly integrating our team into your operations to enhance efficiency and drive cost savings.
Picture a scenario where the team's return flight faces cancellation. Would they be left waiting for a call to determine their journey home? Not with AllFly's Account Managers, who are airfare experts capable of rebooking flights effortlessly. Our team, composed of seasoned industry experts, anticipates and resolves issues before you even become aware of them.
At AllFly, we prioritize first-class customer service. Connect with us anytime, anywhere—via phone, email, or video call—prior to booking your travel. Additionally, relish the peace of mind that comes with 24/7 phone support, ensuring continuous assistance whenever you need it.


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