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The Death of White Glove Delivery for Corporate Travel

Molly Lombardo
Molly Lombardo
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A sustainable building materials manufacturer with 300 employees spread across the East Coast needed to arrange travel for an upcoming conference.


Using the traditional method of email exchanges with a travel agent from previous smaller trips, the company estimated booking white-glove travel for all 300 employees across the East Coast would take 600 days. This translates to an average of 2 days per employee (600 days / 300 employees). This approach caused several issues:

  • Excessive Time Consumption: Booking a single trip involved multiple emails and approvals, leading to delays. On average, booking 300 employee trips took 600 days.
  • Hidden Costs:  The company wasn't accessing the latest deals due to limitations of the travel agent's platform. Internal estimates suggested an average cost increase of $50 per ticket compared to online booking tools.
  • Frustration and Errors: Back-and-forth communication increased the risk of mistakes. Missed emails or misinterpretations occasionally led to incorrect bookings, causing additional stress.
  • Limited Travel Visibility: Tracking booked flights and expenses relied on manual reports from the travel agent. This made it difficult to monitor travel spend or identify cost-saving opportunities.


This company implemented AllFly, a user-friendly online travel booking tool.


  • Faster Booking: Streamlined process allowed employees to find and book flights quickly.
  • Cost Savings: By accessing the latest fares through AllFly, the company achieved an estimated average saving of $30 per ticket compared to the old method. For 10 bookings, this meant a saving of $300. So, booking 300 flights through AllFly results in an estimated total saving of $9,000 compared to the old method.
  • Reduced Errors: The user-friendly interface and automated features minimized communication errors and ensured accurate bookings.
  • Improved Visibility: Real-time tracking of booked flights and expenses allowed GreenTech to gain better control over travel costs and make strategic decisions.

Employee Feedback:

  • "AllFly is so much easier to use than emailing back-and-forth. I can quickly compare options and book flights myself, saving everyone time." - Sarah L., Head of Human Resources
  • "Being able to see all the travel expenses in one place is really helpful for budgeting and planning." - John M., Head of Global Events


By switching from outdated "white glove service" to AllFly, the company achieved significant improvements in efficiency, cost savings, and employee satisfaction. AllFly not only streamlined the travel booking process but also provided greater transparency and control over travel expenses.


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