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How Stipend Mode Works

Stipend Mode (beta) allows travel managers to set a fixed amount the company will contribute to an employees flights.

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At AllFly, we continually strive to enhance our travel experience, ensuring it meets the evolving needs of our clients. We’re excited to introduce a new feature designed to simplify and streamline event travel: Stipend Mode. This innovative tool is perfect for companies looking to manage travel expenses while offering their employees flexibility and choice.

Stipend Mode is currently in private beta, and will be folded into Quest later this year.

What is Stipend Mode?

Stipend Mode is specifically tailored for event travel. It allows companies to set a fixed dollar amount for flight expenses for their travelers. Here’s how it works:

1. Company Sets a Stipend: Before the event, the company determines a fixed amount they are willing to pay for each traveler’s airfare. For instance, Google might allocate $400 per employee for an off-site event in Cabo.

2. Traveler Chooses Flights: Employees can select their preferred flights, whether they want to fly economy or upgrade to business class.

3. Cost Management: If the chosen flight exceeds the set stipend, the traveler is responsible for paying the difference at checkout. If the flight costs less than the stipend, the remaining amount is refunded to the company.

How Stipend Mode Works: A Case Study

Let’s consider a practical example to illustrate the benefits and functionality of Stipend Mode.

Scenario: Google’s Off-Site Event in Cabo

Google plans an off-site event for 100 of its top salespeople in Cabo. They decide to use AllFly to manage their travel arrangements and allocate $400 for each employee’s airfare.

1. Setting the Stipend: Google communicates to AllFly that each traveler has a $400 budget for their flight.

2. Booking Process: Employees receive this information and begin booking their flights through Quest. They can choose any flight, with the understanding that they are responsible for any costs exceeding $400.

3. Checkout: An employee selects a flight costing $450. At checkout, they pay the additional $50 using a credit card, which they can enter at the payment stage. Additionally, there is a 4% service charge on the total amount owed by the traveler, which in this case would be $2 (4% of $50), making the total additional payment $52. Another employee finds a flight for $380; they do not receive a refund for the $20 difference, and AllFly retains the remaining amount. During the BETA period, travelers will pay the remaining balance via an invoice sent to their email. Once Stipend Mode exits its BETA period and becomes a part of Quest, travelers will get to pay the remaining balance via credit card on the checkout screen.

Benefits of Stipend Mode

Cost Control: Companies have a clear and predictable budget for travel expenses.

Flexibility: Employees can choose flights that best suit their preferences, whether they prioritize cost savings or additional comfort.

Streamlined Management: AllFly handles the financial logistics, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for both the company and the travelers.

Why Choose Stipend Mode?

Stipend Mode offers a balanced approach to managing event travel expenses. Companies maintain control over their budgets, while employees enjoy the freedom to select their preferred flights. This feature underscores AllFly’s commitment to providing innovative solutions that enhance the corporate travel experience.

Get Started with Stipend Mode Today

Ready to simplify your event travel planning? Contact your AllFly representative to learn more about Stipend Mode and how it can benefit your organization. At AllFly, we’re here to ensure your corporate travel is efficient, cost-effective, and tailored to your needs.

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