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Quest: One-Stop for Corporate Event & Everyday Travel Booking

AllFly is now your one-stop-shop for all of your company's travel needs. Book individual flights, hotels, cars, and events in a single platform.

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Remember the glory days of corporate travel? Sales reps clocking in miles like frequent flyer gods, conquering territories with every new handshake. Expense reports overflowing with receipts from airport lounges and five-star hotels. 

Ah, the early 2000s – a simpler time for travel programs.

Fast forward to 2024. Zoom fatigue is real, and the lone wolf salesman is a relic of the past. But while individual business travel may have taken a backseat, teamwork still fuels success. 

In this brave new world, team offsites and strategic events have become the cornerstones of building a thriving company culture. In fact, for many of our accounts, event travel accounts for more than 50% of a company’s total travel budget.

But here's the rub: legacy travel platforms are stuck in the pre-pandemic era and not built for a world where 50% of travel spend is allocated for event & meeting travel. 

They're still chasing ghosts of road warriors, ignoring the rise of the collaborative travel experience. Booking a company incentive trip feels like wrestling a dinosaur to the ground. The truth is, the way companies travel today has changed, but many of the legacy online booking tools have not. 

(We are looking at you, Concur)

That's where AllFly Quest enters the scene. We're not your grandpa's travel platform. We're built for the modern era of group travel, where every journey is a shared adventure. Quest empowers you to:

  • Go beyond everyday business travel: Give your employees access to the best deals on flights, hotels, and cars for both individual trips and company excursions.
  • Unleash the power of events: Plan, book, and manage offsites, conferences, and incentive trips with ease. We've got dedicated tools for event-level reporting (goodbye, arrival/departure spreadsheets!), split pay options for travel upgrades, and even a Ticket Protection Plan for unexpected cancellations.
  • Simplify the madness: Ditch the travel agency ping pong. Quest puts everything at your fingertips – from budget management to post-trip reconciliation. No more chasing invoices or deciphering expense reports.

Born from the trenches of group travel: AllFly didn't just parachute into this landscape. We started booking airfare for events years ago, witnessing firsthand the struggles of companies yearning for a seamless solution. Quest is built on the insights of hundreds of programs, crafted for the specific needs of meeting planners and travel managers like you.

So, the next time you dream of an epic team offsite or a mind-blowing conference, stop the spreadsheet torture. AllFly Quest is here to take the wheel. Let's navigate the new era of group travel together, where collaboration knows no borders and adventures await around every corner.

Ready to ditch the dinosaur and embrace the future? Visit our website and discover how AllFly Quest can elevate your travel program to new heights.

Remember, the road warriors may be gone, but the road to incredible company experiences is wide open. 

Let's hit the gas!

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