7 Reasons Concur Customers use AllFly for Meeting & Event Travel

Concur customers love using AllFly for group, meeting, and incentive travel.

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Are you still using Concur for your meeting travel? 

If so, bless your heart. 

Concur was created back in 1993 when flip phones were cool and Microsoft Word was considered a cutting edge piece of software. While the world of software (including Word) has come leaps and bounds, Concur has stayed frozen in time.  

And news flash, it's costing your company money. 

Over the last several years, we’ve had scores of customers using AllFly to book their corporate group, meeting, and incentive travel. Truth is, Concur is serviceable for every day business travel and expense. 

If Joe Buck is going on a three day trip to New York – sure, have him book on Concur.

But if your entire company is doing a big offsite in Cancun, you may want to think twice about using just any old online booking tool. 

We began building the first version of AllFly Quest in 2021. We realized that COVID forever changed how teams travel, and that online travel booking platforms needed to have specific features and structure built around the concept of events and big company wide get-togethers. 

Here are the top 7 reasons why Concur customers pick AllFly to book their event and meeting travel. 

  1. Book guest travel with ease
    Concur famously only lets you book travel for one passenger. This is a huge problem for the way modern passengers travel. Incentive trips often allow travelers to bring a guest. AllFly Quest allows you to book up to six people on the same record, making upgrades and flight disruptions a breeze.
  2. We load in discounted fares using meeting contracts
    AllFly Quest offers special discounted fares called meeting contracts, saving you money without any effort on your part. Off the shelf, Concur sticks to publicly available fares from Sabre, leaving you and your company to pay full price.
  3. AllFly gives companies cash back on canceled tickets
    AllFly Quest's Ticket Protection Program gives you cash back on canceled tickets, so you don't lose the value of the ticket like you would with Concur's non-transferable eCredits.
  4. User-friendly shopping experience
    Log into Concur and instantly be overwhelmed and confused by all the buttons and clunky user interface. AllFly Quest's modern, clean interface makes shopping for travel a breeze, while Concur's outdated interface is a productivity killer. The longer your people have to suffer through bad UI/UX, the less productive they are for your core business.
  5. Event level travel policy enforcement
    AllFly Quest has the unique feature of allowing companies to create an “event.” Legacy booking platforms simply have one global policy which typically lacks the controls needed for events. For example, inside of AllFly, you can set rules around when attendees need to arrive and depart for specific events. You can also set rules around how many days can attendees come early, or extend their trip. Legacy booking tools were built around a single employee, traveling as an individual, not as a team. 
  6. No reimbursement nightmare
    AllFly’s streamlined billing process will make your finance department smile! Rather than allow every traveler to buy their own flight and submit for reimbursement, AllFly bills the company a deposit, and then submits the final balance at the conclusion of booking – meaning your company pays two invoices, rather than dozens or possibly hundreds! 
  7. Save money with group contracts (10+ people, flying together)
    With AllFly, you can secure group contracts for meeting travel, saving you money and giving you better terms. Concur only lets you book single tickets, but with AllFly Quest, you can hold space with a deposit, pay in full 30 days prior to travel, and switch names on tickets up until 72 hours before departure. Group contracts for corporate meeting travel are best secured 100+ days prior to departure.

If you have an upcoming meeting or event that you need to book airfare for – we should talk. 

We aren’t saying you need to dump Concur and replace all things travel with AllFly. 

But we are saying that tons of clients use AllFly in addition to Concur, specifically for team offsites, incentive trips, and meetings.

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