8 Best Business Travel Management Apps

Top 8 group booking platforms! AllFly shines with ease of use, prices & service

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In the dynamic landscape of corporate travel, finding the right platform to manage group airfare for meetings and events is crucial for a seamless and cost-effective experience. In this article, we explore the top 8 most popular booking platforms for group contracts. Among these, AllFly stands out as a leading choice for its simplicity, competitive pricing, top notch customer service, and user-friendly interface.

1. AllFly:

Why AllFly? AllFly takes the spotlight as the go-to platform for group airfare. With a commitment to simplicity, AllFly offers a seamless experience for managing group flights. Its user-friendly interface, dedicated customer service, and competitive pricing make it an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes. While focused primarily on flights, AllFly provides a hassle-free solution that is easy to navigate, ensuring your group travel arrangements are smooth and efficient.

Considerations: While AllFly may lack some advanced features, its emphasis on efficiency, experience, and affordability makes it stand out as the top choice.

2. AmTrav:

Why AmTrav? AmTrav provides customizable solutions for corporate travel with integrated expense management. AmTrav caters to the specific needs of organizations seeking a comprehensive solution.

Considerations: AmTrav has a monthly membership that would cost you hundreds per month, even if you don’t have any trips planned!

3. Concur Travel:

Why Concur? Concur stands out for its comprehensive travel and expense management capabilities. Concur offers a one-stop solution for businesses with complex travel needs including expense management.

Considerations: Concur's feature-rich platform may be too much for businesses with simpler travel requirements and their platform isn’t very user-friendly.

4. Egencia:

Why Egencia? Powered by Amex GBT, Egencia provides a comprehensive platform for managing group airfare contracts. With a user-friendly interface and travel policy enforcement tools, Egencia caters to businesses seeking a holistic travel management solution.

Considerations: Some users report higher costs and inconsistencies in customer support.

5. FCM:

Why FCM? FCM is a leading global travel management company, offering dedicated services for business travel. With a global presence and specialized solutions, FCM caters to the needs of businesses who are looking to book airfare for meetings and events.

Considerations: While FCM provides comprehensive services, pricing may be relatively high.

6. Groupize:

Why Groupize? Groupize focuses on specialized group bookings and centralized management for flights and accommodations. With a commitment to simplifying the group travel experience, Groupize stands out for its user-friendly approach.

Considerations: While Groupize may offer airfare booking, it doesn’t specialize in it and instead it outsources it to Concur.

7. Navan:

Why Navan? Navan focuses on optimizing corporate travel, offering features for travel policy compliance, cost control, and reporting. Providing

customizable solutions for businesses of various sizes.

Considerations: Navan requires users to merge their personal and business travel under a single trip. This can be inconvenient and confusing for users who need to keep their personal and business expenses separate.

8. TravelPerk:

Why TravelPerk? TravelPerk provides a comprehensive business travel platform covering flights, hotels, and more. Its centralized management tools make it an all-encompassing solution for businesses.

Considerations: You can only get a refund up to 80% when you cancel a flight. This could be inconvenient and lead your business to lose money.

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