AllFly Enhances Collaboration with Your In-House Air Team

Elevate your corporate travel strategy with AllFly – the top choice for incentive houses and companies with internal travel teams.

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Incentive houses and companies with internal travel teams frequently choose Quest to fulfill their requirements. Picture Quest as a tool similar to Microsoft Excel. 

Just as we use Excel spreadsheets daily to streamline work processes, why not leverage Quest internally to optimize the travel functions of internal teams? The tool provides travel teams with accessible features, making their work more efficient and convenient.

Historically, travel platforms have been perceived as competitors to internal travel teams. However, Quest takes a different approach; we don't aim to compete with your internal team. Instead, our goal is to simplify your life by seamlessly integrating with your company's structure

Partnering with your In-house team

AllFly can collaborate with internal teams during periods of high demand, providing "pressure relief" by handling excess trips that may overwhelm the in-house resources

This enables your internal air team to concentrate on their primary trips or core duties, thereby minimizing their workload and stress. Delegating these specialized trips to AllFly ensures that your team can sustain their dedication to delivering outstanding service to your clients.

Facilitating guest booking 

Planning incentive trips can be a logistical puzzle, especially when coordinating the travel arrangements for a diverse group of company employees and guests. 

AllFly offers a seamless solution with its user-friendly self-service booking tool. This tool empowers event attendees to take control of their travel plans, offering the flexibility and convenience that every traveler craves.

By entrusting attendees with the ability to manage their own arrangements, not only does this lighten the workload for your travel management team, but it also elevates the travel experience for your guests, making it more enjoyable and stress-free.

Boosted Transparency through Real-Time Reporting

Access real-time insights into your travelers' reservations through AllFly's extensive reporting features. Keep track of arrival and departure lists, total cost summaries, and other crucial data to stay informed about the status of your event.

Our reporting is dynamically updated to reflect changes, delays, or cancellations in travelers' reservations as they occur.

Cash Back on canceled tickets  

AllFly offers a unique and significant advantage that holds special importance for us – our Ticket Protection Program. 

When travelers book with Delta, American, or United airlines under a master bill, we have the capability to secure cash back for canceled tickets, returning that value to your company. Ordinarily, canceled fares result in an eCredit on the traveler's profile, and the company loses access to that money. This can be a substantial benefit, especially when dealing with larger groups of travelers.

AllFly Forecast: Your New Best Friend 

AllFly provides a complimentary program named Forecast, enabling in-house teams to quickly estimate airfare budgets and compare different destinations. 

Leveraging AllFly’s Expertise for Your Specific Needs

Integrate AllFly into your travel management system to streamline operations, ease the workload on your internal team, elevate the travel experience for clients, and access exclusive AllFly perks. It's the ideal addition to your corporate travel strategy, ensuring meticulous management of your meetings and events.

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