AllFly Quest vs. Egencia

AllFly Quest is revolutionizing corporate travel with its innovative features.

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For years, business travelers have relied on Egencia to manage their corporate travel needs. However, a new challenger has emerged: AllFly Quest. 

This innovative platform boasts a suite of features designed to surpass Egencia in several key areas, making corporate travel smoother, more efficient, and more rewarding.

Revolutionizing Booking Flexibility

AllFly introduces a game-changing split payment service, a feature absent in Egencia. Egencia's limitations restrict bookings to one guest per transaction, causing complications for travelers with companions. 

This innovative split payment allows booking airfare for both the traveler and a guest, with each using their preferred payment method. 

Travelers can even leverage this flexibility for ticket upgrades, effortlessly splitting the cost difference – a level of convenience Egencia simply doesn't offer.

Effortless Rewards Program

While Egencia offers a business rewards program, travelers must navigate the complexities of enrolling with each airline individually. 

AllFly's streamlined rewards program eliminates this hassle.  It's user-friendly and saves valuable time, while still offering significant savings opportunities.

The Modern Platform for a Remote World

AllFly's Quest platform is a true game-changer for corporate travel in today's remote work environment. 

Understanding the need for flexible team travel, Quest allows individuals to book group trips with team members departing from different locations.  

This user-friendly platform, accessible on any device, offers advanced search functionalities, ensuring travelers can quickly find the most suitable flights.

 AllFly's modern approach eliminates the lengthy and cumbersome processes that traditionally make corporate travel stressful.

 Businesses can now focus on the core purpose – fostering essential team connections and learning experiences at their destinations.

AllFly Quest: The Future of Corporate Travel

AllFly Quest is redefining corporate travel with its seamless solutions and intuitive interface.  

Split payment services, cash back protection, and a modern platform are just a few features that set AllFly apart. 

 AllFly Quest is setting a new standard for corporate travel, offering businesses and their employees a more efficient, rewarding, and enjoyable travel experience.

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