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It's no secret that Concur is a household name when it comes to corporate travel management. While Concur has served well for traditional business travel, it's time to consider a more modern and efficient solution, particularly for team offsites, incentive trips, and meetings.

Why Concur Isn’t Cutting It for Event Travel

Since Concur was launched in 1993, its user interface and features have not evolved. Its clunky interface can be frustrating and time-consuming to navigate, and it lacks essential features for managing group travel in the 21st century.

Here are a few of the limitations of Concur for event travel:

  • Limited guest travel: Concur only allows booking for one passenger per reservation, making it difficult to manage group travel with guests
  • No discounted fares: Concur depends on publicly accessible fares from Sabre, causing companies to overlook potential savings that could arise from group contracts
  • Non-transferable eCredits for canceled tickets: With Concur, canceled tickets result in non-transferable eCredits, which can be a hassle to use
  • Outdated user interface: The user interface of Concur is outdated and not conducive to user-friendliness, creating challenges for travelers to swiftly and efficiently book their trips.
  • Lack of event-level policy enforcement: Concur’s global policy lacks the granular controls needed for managing event-specific travel requirements
  • Reimbursement nightmare: Concur's reimbursement process can be a daunting task for finance departments, involving the management of dozens or even hundreds of individual invoices.

Why AllFly Quest is the Ideal Solution

AllFly Quest, a modern travel management platform, is specifically designed to address the shortcomings of Concur for event travel.

Here are just a few of the benefits of using AllFly Quest:

  • Book guest travel with ease: AllFly Quest allows booking for up to six passengers per reservation, making it easy to manage group travel with guests
  • Discounted fares through meeting contracts: AllFly Quest offers special discounted fares called meeting contracts, saving companies money on group travel
  • User-friendly shopping experience: AllFly Quest’s modern and intuitive interface makes shopping for travel a breeze, saving time by cutting the booking process in half
  • Event-level travel policy enforcement: With AllFly Quest, companies can create custom event policies with granular controls, ensuring compliance with specific travel requirements.
  • Streamlined billing process: With AllFly Quest's streamlined billing process, finance departments can reduce administrative burdens.
  • Group contracts for 10+ travelers: Group contracts with AllFly Quest can offer additional savings and flexibility for parties of 10 or more passengers

Don’t Ditch Concur, Complement It with AllFly

We’re not here to break up a happy marriage, we aren’t saying you dump Concur and replace all things travel with AllFly.  

Nevertheless, many companies already use AllFly Quest alongside Concur, taking advantage of a more modern and efficient approach to managing group travel.

Your event travel process can be streamlined and you can save money with AllFly Quest.

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