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If you landed here, chances are you are evaluating adopting a corporate travel platform for your company.

Enclosed is an honest guide on how you should evaluate your options. Whether your company's travel program is looking for solutions, currently managed, or somewhere in between, we are a one stop shop for you to reach all of your travel goals. There are a handful of travel platforms out there but let’s go over why companies get the most value from AllFly.

AllFly works with companies that frequently travel for team meetings, incentive trips, and offsites. We’ve created an easy to use online booking platform created specifically for the needs of business travelers and event organizers. AllFly provides a variety of powerful tools to help them manage their travel programs, including the ability to set travel policies, simultaneously book guest travel, and generate live reports.

With that being said, not every trip is a perfect fit. If your company is on the smaller side, fewer than 20 employees, you might not get the full benefits of AllFly's services. It's like having a sports car for short trips around the block. Another thing to mention, AllFly does not currently offer multi-currency or multi-language support at this time. The key is to think about what your company truly needs when it comes to travel management before going all-in with AllFly. You can always schedule a call with a sales representative to discuss whether your trip is a good fit for AllFly's services.

At AllFly, we know travel is particular. Everyone has their own travel styles and preferences. Travelers want the control of booking their flights themselves. This is why our online platform allows for the best user experience. They can hop into the booking engine and select in-policy flights in minutes that suit their individual needs.  

Travel policies set at the event level. At AllFly, we understand that each trip is different. So we made travel policies that reflect the concerns of travel coordinators everywhere. We work around programming, discuss travel budgets, and set price caps for approval ensuring all travelers are abiding by the same guidelines.  

Booking guest travel couldn’t get any simpler. If your trip allows for plus ones and guest travel is a part of the experience, AllFly allows you to book up to six people on the same PNR. When selecting flights in the platform, you can book for your guest traveler simultaneously.

Get cash back on canceled tickets. Yes, you read that right! Our Ticket Protection Plan is perfect for those larger groups of travelers who inevitably must cancel their ticket. Rather than the ticket going back on the traveler’s profile as an e-credit, we can refund the canceled fare (aka cash) back to the company. This service is limited to Delta, American, and United, providing you with a safeguard against losing money due to cancellations.

Live reporting at your fingertips. You will have 24/7 access to your live reporting suite within the portal. This will include an air budget summary of your trip, arrival and departure lists, and ticket cost breakdowns by traveler. As delays, cancellations, and changes are happening, your report is updating in real time. Easy to download and share. Duty of care? Check.

Speaking of Duty of Care. As a responsible employer, you have a duty of care to your traveling employees. In times of crisis, like natural disasters or geopolitical events, you need to know where your employees are and ensure their safety. Our system tracks every flight and employee, helping you meet your duty of care obligations.

Competitive fares. Let's start with the elephant in the room: fares. It's essential to know that when you book through us, you won't get a cheaper fare than what you'd find elsewhere. Whether you compare us to Expedia, Amex, or any other competitor, the base fare is going to be the same. We operate on a level playing field with airlines, ensuring you get the best rates available.

Booking Efficiency. Time is money, and that's where our booking efficiency comes into play. Our managed booking solution streamlines the process, helping your team book flights 50% faster. This means you can secure tickets before fares start climbing. Our system also nudges travelers who haven't booked yet, ensuring that opportunities for savings aren't missed.

24/7 Customer Service. We take the customer experience very seriously here at AllFly. With our 24/7 phone support, availability to book support video calls, and flight help email, we can handle anything you need. Delays, cancellations, and flight changes are inevitable. Not to mention our built in flight monitoring software to ensure any changes get handled with urgency.

Now that I got the facts out of the way, the real value is in the efficiency and peace of mind that comes with having a trusted travel management partner by your side.

So, when it comes to booking airfare for your next business trip, consider the benefits AllFly has to offer. There are more than what’s listed above so I can lure you into a demo to knock your socks off!

Still unsure if we’re a good fit? That’s okay, let's talk about it!

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