AI: Friend or Foe? Kenny & Conner Ann's SITE Texas Recap

Unlock the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with insights from industry experts Kenny and Conner Ann.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer just a buzzword; it's rapidly becoming an integral part of our lives. Kenny and Conner Ann, two industry experts, recently delivered a captivating keynote speech at the SITE Texas Roadshow conference, shedding light on the future of AI.

 Their mission? To help people understand that AI can be a valuable tool rather than a threat. In this blog post, we'll recap the key takeaways from their enlightening talk.

Changing Perceptions: AI as a Friend, Not a Foe

Kenny and Conner Ann's central goal during their presentation was to change the way we perceive AI. They aimed to convince the audience that AI can be a friend and not a foe. In their dynamic talk, they also provided valuable insights and skills that can empower individuals to make the most of AI technology in their personal and professional lives.

The Expanding Landscape of AI

When most people think of AI, giants like Google and ChatGPT come to mind. While these platforms are undoubtedly significant players, Kenny and Conner Ann highlighted that AI has a much broader scope. 

They explained how voice cloning, for instance, is one of AI's newest features, with far-reaching implications, especially in the customer service sector. 

Imagine having AI travel agents that could call airlines on your behalf and perform various tasks. This technology, though in its infancy, is expected to revolutionize customer service.

Insights from the Dog's Mind

The presenters also delved into AI's ability to decode brain signals. Researchers in Scotland conducted an intriguing experiment involving dogs and humans in MRI machines. 

The study revealed that AI could decode the action classifiers in dog MRI scans, highlighting that dogs process the world differently from humans. 

This exciting development hints at the possibility of one day understanding our pets' thoughts and communication.

AI Empowering Medicine

One of the most heartening aspects of AI's impact is its ability to transform the medical field. Kenny and Conner Ann shared a remarkable study that found AI-supported mammogram screening increased breast cancer detection by 20%. This technology has the potential to save countless lives and make a significant dent in global breast cancer statistics.

The Power of Chat GPT and Google Bard

Kenny and Conner Ann also touched on the power of chat-based AI like Chat GPT and Google Bard. They emphasized how these platforms are evolving rapidly and are exceptionally useful in various scenarios.

 For example, Chat GPT's Ask Your PDF plugin can read and analyze PDFs, making it a valuable tool for contract review and analysis. It can summarize lengthy documents and answer questions about their contents, providing remarkable utility for professionals.

AI's Impact on Travel and Event Planning

Kenny and Conner Ann shared their own tool, "Forecast," which facilitates trip budgeting and planning. They showed how AI can quickly estimate program costs, provide airport insights, and create itemized city pair routes, streamlining the process of organizing travel events for large groups. 

AI in Contract Negotiations

The presenters also demonstrated how AI can assist in contract negotiations. By uploading a services agreement, you can ask the AI to identify non-standard terms or negotiate key clauses. This technology can save time and money, making it a valuable resource for professionals dealing with vendors.

Kenny and Conner Ann's keynote speech at the SITE Texas Roadshow conference showcased the remarkable potential of AI and the myriad ways it can be a valuable asset in our lives. 

As AI continues to advance and integrate into various industries, it's clear that it has the power to be a friend, not a foe. The future is filled with exciting possibilities, and by understanding and embracing AI, we can all be better prepared to navigate the ever-changing landscape of technology.

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