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Meeting planners, you are one referral away from sipping a martini on a beach in Miami with our new promotion!

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We have been joining forces with meeting planners to create a killer offering. An offering so good, Ryan Reynolds reached out to be our spokesperson. He knows how to spot an early winner -- see Mint Mobile and Aviation Gin.

(For legal reasons, we are just kidding. But we can manifest, right?)

Anyhow, this promo is for you dear beleaguered meeting planners.

We know group travel planning can be a tear-jerker, and not in the heartwarming, Ryan Reynolds rom-com kind of way. But wipe those tears away, because AllFly is here to save the day (and your sanity).

Introducing AllFly Meetings, the online booking tool that's like having Deadpool himself at your side (minus the red spandex). And if that's not enough to make you feel like a superhero, how about this: when you refer a group to AllFly, we pay you a per-flight booked referral fee AND give you a FREE flight to anywhere in the continental United States. That's right, you'll be the envy of the office faster than you can say "Van Wilder."

AllFly Meetings streamlines the booking process like no other, making it easy for your entire team to book flights in one convenient place. No more juggling a million tabs, phone calls, or expense reports!

We're all about efficiency, just like a certain sarcastic anti-hero.

Did we mention we load in discounted fares quicker than Deadpool can spout a witty comeback? That means your company saves money while you save face. Plus, we offer a ticket buyback program on cancelled tickets, because we know plans can change faster than a superhero's costume in a phone booth.

With our reporting suite, coordinating ground transportation is a breeze. You'll have arrival and departure lists at your fingertips, so you'll know when your people touch down. Think of it as your own personal Jarvis, only without the British accent and holographic interface (we're working on it).

So, are you ready to take off with AllFly Meetings and claim your free flight? Set up a demo, and watch a video preview. Trust us; it's more satisfying than watching Ryan Reynolds deliver a punchline.

Happy flying, and may your meetings be as witty and snarky as this blog post!

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