Off-Strip Activities for Your Next Team Offsite in Las Vegas

Vegas glitz? Yes! But escape the crowds at Fremont St., Neon Museum & Red Rock Canyon!

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Las Vegas has so much to offer. And while the Strip is amazing, if you need to step away from the most popular tourist areas, we think these are three places you should check out.

Las Vegas is like an adult Disney World. 

Everything you can imagine, directly at your fingertips. 

But this dessert paradise can weigh on you. Talk to travelers who frequently visit Las Vegas, and they may echo the all too common phrase, 

3-4 days in Vegas is enough. 

There is truth to the conventional wisdom that Las Vegas is best enjoyed in short bursts. One of the more odd things that can happen in Tinsel Town is it becomes very easy to go days without seeing the sun. 

In that spirit, we’ve put together 3 fun ideas that get you outside, and off the Strip. As a bonus, these ideas are perfect for corporate groups– so put them in contention for your next team offsite.

Our first recommendation is a little on the wild side, so if you’re an adrenaline junkie this is a total blast. Rent a dune buggy to drift around the Mojave Desert. There are multiple places you can rent buggies from but we went with Sunbuggy Las Vegas and did not regret it! 

The staff was wonderful and whether you’re a dune buggy enthusiast or a first timer we promise you’ll have a truly awesome Vegas experience. The best part is you can have up to 200 people enjoy the ride simultaneously, TWO HUNDRED how awesome is that? 

No one has to wait by the wayside on this team activity. The day before our desert adventure, Sunbuggy hosted 150 attendees for a corporate offsite. You can choose to be a driver or just be a passenger and enjoy the desert views. Even though we were having our Fast & Furious moment, everything felt super safe the entire time. It is such a unique and fun experience for everyone.

Now let’s mention an activity just as compelling but doesn’t involve the desert heat. This gem is called Omega Mart and it’s right off the strip in a well known building labeled in gigantic letters, Area 15. Omega Mart is an interactive, mind-boggling, immersive art experience. 

It’s created by Meow Wolf, an arts and entertainment company focused on conceptualizing gigantic art installations that feel like you’ve been transported to a whimsical realm. You and your entire team can enjoy this cool “museum” of sorts seven days a week and it’s open until midnight every night! Highly recommend Omega Mart as a fun, inspired activity for your group to see a different side of Vegas. 

There’s a very special place in Sin City you don’t hear about as often. It’s where Las Vegas truly all began, and you can feel it. Ah, yes, the historic and forever iconic Fremont Street. Teeming with life and street entertainment this stretch looks nothing like the strip. It feels like you’ve stepped into the fusion of Las Vegas and New Orleans. 

No matter what time of day you go you’ll be able to experience the “Mardi Gras'' of it all. If you just look up you’ll see the largest video screen in the world. Not an exaggeration, it really is, and it spans larger than a football field. The screen illuminates Fremont Street twenty four hours a day, seven days a week with LED thunderstorms or galactic scenery firing above. 

If you’re feeling brave, there is a zipline that’ll send you flying underneath the glowing canopy through the street with a pretty awesome view of the vivacious hustle and bustle below. Fremont Street is an underrated part of Vegas. 

If you’re looking to leave the fancy steak dinners behind for a night, try a stroll through Fremont Street to get the ole fashioned authentic Vegas experience. 

Well there you have it! Three awesome, non generic things to do with your team in beautiful, lively Las Vegas. Business travelers from all over the globe flock to Vegas each year, most likely experiencing the city in the “googleable” ways. 

So follow our advice and do something unique with your group, cover all the bases. One to get your blood pumping, one to get your mind bending, and one that’ll top it all off and show everyone where Vegas really began. 

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