Planning Your Corporate Offsite in Honolulu

Revitalize your corporate offsite with House of Savon in Honolulu.

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Let's face it, traditional corporate offsites can feel stale. The stuffy conference room, the same old presentations, and forced team-building exercises rarely spark creativity or connection.

But what if you could whisk your team away to a place that fosters productivity, connection, and inspiration? Welcome to Honolulu, and enter House of Savon: your one-stop shop for an unforgettable corporate offsite event.

House of Savon: Where Business Meets Aloha

House of Savon isn't your average co-working space. They understand the power of in-person connection and are dedicated to making your offsite memorable and productive.

Their shared workspace offers various membership tiers, perfect for accommodating your team's needs. Whether you have remote workers, aspiring female entrepreneurs, or a mix of both, SAVON has the space and resources to keep everyone comfortable and focused.

Destination Management: Crafting Unforgettable Experiences

Gone are the days of generic offsite events. Destination management services can help you tailor your offsite to a specific location, creating a truly unique experience for your team. Picture inspiring keynote speakers in stunning outdoor venues, or pop-up events that immerse your team in the local culture.

These memorable moments solidify bonds and create a shared narrative that strengthens your team identity.

Examples of Offsite Activities to Boost Productivity
  • Creative Problem-Solving: Challenge your team with a design thinking workshop in a scenic location.
  • Volunteering Together: Give back to the community while fostering collaboration with a local volunteer project.
  • Adventure Awaits: Bond over a shared experience with an outdoor activity like hiking, kayaking, or whitewater rafting.
  • Cultural Immersion: Learn about the local history and traditions through interactive workshops or guided tours.
AllFly: Streamlining Your Offsite Travel
  • Seamless Booking Platform: Forget endless back-and-forth emails. AllFly's user-friendly platform allows your team to search, compare, and book flights easily.
  • Travel Flexibility: AllFly understands that plans can change. Their platform allows for easy modifications and keeps you informed of any schedule updates.
  • 24/7 Support: Travel hiccups happen. AllFly's dedicated customer service team is available around the clock to ensure your team has a stress-free travel experience.
Crafting Your Dream Offsite

Here's a glimpse into what your Honolulu offsite with House of Savon 

  • Morning: Welcome your guest with coffee and a continental breakfast from our neighborhood grocery store and Starbucks as uplifting music plays on our overhead Bose house speakers. When it’s time to start the meeting, invite your guest to take their seats using our wireless mics as they face our 85” tv for your powerpoint presentation.
  • Mid-morning: During break, your guests have the opportunity to sit outside in our luscious green courtyard and enjoy the fresh breeze and Hawaii sun.
  • Afternoon: For lunch, you can either cater from any local restaurant or your guest can take a lunch break at any of our nearby restaurants just a short 5 min walk from our space.
  • Evening: Celebrate your team accomplishments with a Pau Hana (happy hour) as you watch the sun set behind the iconic Diamond Head from the comfort of our venue. 
Aloha Means Welcome

House of Savon's philosophy aligns perfectly with the spirit of Aloha – a sense of mutual respect, understanding, and hospitality.

Let them help you create a corporate offsite that fosters connection, ignites creativity, and leaves your team feeling valued and inspired. And with AllFly taking care of airfare, you can focus on what truly matters: creating a memorable experience for your team.

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