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Unveiling AllFly's Launch Strategy on Product Hunt

Embark on your product or startup launch with AllFly Quest, a corporate online booking platform tailored for meetings, incentives, and offsites.

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The process of launching a new product or startup has a blend of excitement and challenges.

AllFly’s founders discovered a significant gap in the travel industry, and identified the demand for a streamlined solution catering to tour operators, travel managers, and meeting planners seeking to book group airfare.

It was this recognition that led to the birth of our product : AllFly Quest

Naturally, we saw our product as a game-changer for meeting planners, tour operators, and travel managers. Building a product our current clients would adore was just the beginning. The quest for widespread recognition and user engagement called for a whole channel of marketing tactics.

We chose Product Hunt as the ideal launchpad for Quest.

Explore our 4-step guide for our straightforward strategy to unveil Quest on Product Hunt.

For Starters, What is Product Hunt?

Product Hunt, the red carpet for entrepreneurs, makers, and innovators to strut their stuff! Here, you can flaunt your products, apps, and startups to a worldwide audience. It's your ticket to the star-studded world of product launches and feedback collection, where users can uncover, chat about, and give a standing ovation to their beloved products.

Think of it as the Grammys of the startup universe!

What is Quest?

AllFly Quest is a corporate online booking platform for companies that travel for team meetings, incentive trips, and offsites.

Quest is centered around a host of features designed to streamline event travel. These include guest bookings, split payments, event level reporting, and cashback on canceled tickets. Companies can start using Quest for their team offsite and then transition into using Quest for everyday business travel.

3 Reason Why Should Your Startup Launch on Product Hunt

Gain Valuable Exposure: Product Hunt is a bustling hub teeming with investors, entrepreneurs, and potential clients—a prime avenue for boosting your product's visibility.

Receive Constructive Feedback: The Product Hunt community is known for providing constructive feedback. This can help you identify and address issues with your product early on, improving its quality and user experience

Enhance Credibility: The success of Quest on Product Hunt can be viewed as a form of validation. It can boost your credibility and attract more users and investors if your product gains traction and receives positive feedback on the platform.

Step 1: Prepare Your Product Hunt Launch

Create an eye catching teaser:

Demo our Product: Quest's mission is to simplify corporate travel, and the tool we're introducing combines practicality with eye-catching aesthetics.

We wanted our teaser to vividly convey what sets our company apart: Our exceptional team and our cutting-edge platform.

Prepare a landing page: The AllFly & Quest website page was ready with clear calls to action (CTAs) to direct visitors to sign up or learn more.

Accurate presentation text: Achieving an accurate description can be challenging. The objective is to provide clear and concise information about Quest, knowing that viewers on Product Hunt might be unfamiliar with booking corporate travel and our competitors.

Connecting with the Product Hunt Community- Prior to our debut, our team plans to spend the entire month upvoting and commenting on products that we love on Product Hunt. This will give us a voice in the community.

Linking up with a Hunter- with our Product Hunt page almost ready to launch, we reached out to Nicolas Grenié who kindly accepted to be our hunter.

Actively participate in discussions on Product Hunt Thread- Our team sets aside 10 minutes per day to interact with content on Product Hunt.

We plan to befriend a group of people on Product Hunt. We also will collaborate with individuals launching their products inside the 30-day window that would allow for voting.

Post Your Product Hunt Launch on Social Media-This will encourage your current supporters and promote your launch!

Step 2: Schedule Your Product Hunt Launch

Choose the Right Time: The most competitive days are Wednesdays and Thursdays.

So the weekends are ideal if you're just looking for upvotes and less conversions. But if you want to be in the top 5, weekdays are better.

You'll also need to tap a lot of individuals in your network to get them to promote your product and bring in new consumers.

With the help of our hunter, our team decided to launch on a Thursday.

Step 3: Launch on Product Hunt

It is essential to understand how Product Hunt works because the ranking is not revealed right away once the votes are cast.

You have four hours to make sure that your product is seen and rises to the top of the list. Being at the top greatly enhances the likelihood that people will find your product.

Consequently, the goal is to first mobilize your network to secure the first 100 votes, and then later on to keep accumulating more votes. On average, 200 to 300 people were affected by our activities, with the remaining users of Product Hunt.

Step 4: Engage with the Product Hunt Community

Monitor Comments: After Quest goes live, we plan to keep a close eye on the comments and questions from the Product Hunt community. We will be responding promptly and engaging with users.

Share on Social Media: promoting your Product Hunt launch on your social media channels to encourage your existing audience to support and engage with your post on Product Hunt is key.

In a nutshell, we're thrilled to unveil the heart and soul we've poured into Quest on Product Hunt. Get ready for a new look into travel management! 🚀

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