Second-Tier Cities Soar for Offsites and Corporate Travel

Corporate travel is shifting towards second-tier cities which offer unique experiences, lower costs, and modern amenities for business events.

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Here at AllFly, we're seeing a major shift in the world of corporate travel: second-tier cities are taking flight as prime destinations for offsites, incentives, and corporate bookings. 

Clients are increasingly looking beyond the usual suspects, choosing exciting locations like Jacksonville, Florida, and Phoenix, Arizona, to host their meetings and gatherings.

This trend aligns with a recent Skift article, highlighting a surge in event bookings for unexpected locations.

Second Cities Take Center Stage

Forget the traditional business hubs! Cities once considered off the beaten path are now experiencing a boom in corporate events. 

Louisville, Kentucky; Colorado Springs, Colorado; and Greensboro-Winston Salem, North Carolina, are leading the pack with a staggering year-over-year growth exceeding 65%! 

This rise is attributed to a mix of factors, including interest from national and state associations, along with specific industries like manufacturing and education. 

Even mid-sized markets like South Wisconsin and Myrtle Beach are seeing significant growth, suggesting a broader trend.

First-Tier Cities Still in Play

While second-tier cities are experiencing a surge, established destinations like Tampa-St. Petersburg, Denver, and Boston remain popular for corporate bookings. These locations continue to attract major events hosted by national associations, technology groups, healthcare providers, and tech companies.

Industry Shifts on the Horizon

The data also reveals some intriguing shifts within specific industries. While Tampa-St. Petersburg saw modest growth overall, February showed a significant increase in events for environmental services, agriculture, data/research, and marketing/advertising – all experiencing over 200% year-over-year growth. This suggests a potential diversification within the meetings and events sector.

Sunshine Still Shines Bright

Despite some travel advisories, Tampa-St. Petersburg's success demonstrates their resilience. The city attributes its continued growth to a dedicated team, a convention center expansion, and a welcoming approach to business travelers.

The Final Boarding Call

The landscape of corporate travel for offsite events and incentive trips is changing. Second-tier cities offer unique experiences, competitive rates, and modern facilities, making them serious contenders for your next event. While established destinations remain relevant, there's a clear trend towards diversification.

 So, the next time you're planning a corporate event, consider venturing beyond the usual suspects and explore the hidden gems that second-tier cities have to offer! You might be surprised by what you find.

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