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The Bleisure Trip is Here to Stay

Scores of people are now extending their work trips into vacations.

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The trend of corporate travelers turning their work trips into leisure trips, also known as "bleisure" travel, has been on the rise in recent years. Over the past year, we've noticed a strong uptick in this trend. Often, the frequency in which people upgrade depends on the destination. For example, we recently booked a corporate meeting to Hawaii where over half the attendees extended their trip.

According to a study by BridgeStreet Global Hospitality, nearly two-thirds of business travelers have added leisure time to their work trips in the past year.

Without a doubt, the rise of bleisure travel goes hand in hand with the explosion of remote work. With more people working remotely, there is less pressure to return home immediately after a work trip and more flexibility to extend the trip for personal travel. Additionally, many people are using the opportunity to combine work and leisure travel to save on vacation days and get more out of their trips.

Another reason for the trend is the changing attitudes towards work-life balance. Many people now prioritize their mental and physical well-being, and view bleisure travel as a way to recharge and return to work refreshed and energized. Furthermore, many companies are now also recognizing the benefits of bleisure travel for their employees and are even encouraging it as a way to improve employee satisfaction and retention.

For AllFly, this trend presents a great opportunity to drive value for our customers. Inside of our product, we've built features that allow the company and their attendees the ability to green light extending their trip. For example, inside of AllFly Meetings, you can now upgrade your seat to first class and have the attendees pay the difference between the first class ticket and the main cabin fare.

We also can bill the attendee the difference if there is a considerable delta in their return fare changing. For example, say the attendees' meeting ended on Sunday, and that was supposed to be their departure date-- the Sunday ticket cost $400. However, the attendees wanted to extend their trip and go home on Tuesday, which caused the ticket to go up to $550. Our system allows the company to be billed the original amount while the traveler pays the difference.

Overall, bleisure travel is a growing trend that offers a win-win situation for both travelers and travel agencies. By combining work and leisure travel, travelers can save on vacation days and return to work refreshed and energized, while travel agencies can increase revenue and provide a more comprehensive travel experience for their clients.

By understanding the logistics and offering appropriate packages, travel agencies can capitalize on this trend and offer bleisure travel as a great option to their clients.

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