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The Perfect Mid-Size Corporate Offsite in Beaufort, North Carolina

Beaufort and the NC coast offer a laid-back setting for a unique, affordable team offsite.

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Hi there! I'm Molly, the Marketing Manager at AllFy, and I have a passion for exploring quaint coastal towns with charming architecture, dive bars, and friendly people. 

While many opt for big cities, I've found my heart in places like Beaufort, North Carolina – a hidden gem that offers a unique and refreshing corporate offsite experience.

Getting There

Sure, Beaufort may not have its own airport, but the journey is part of the adventure. 

Flying into New Bern Airport, just 32.9 miles away, gives you a taste of the picturesque town featured in The Notebook. 

Take a stroll down cobblestone streets under 100-year-old live oak trees and soak in the historic charm before starting your offsite journey.

Team Meal Kickoff

Before reaching Beaufort, stop by Persimmons in New Bern for a delightful team meal. Overlooking the Neuse River, Chef David crafts culinary wonders blending his North Carolina roots with fresh ingredients and exciting flavors. My favorite is the 4-course tequila dinner. It is a unique experience that sets the tone for a weekend filled with culinary delights.

Beaufort Hotel

A 45-minute bus ride later, you'll find yourselves in Beaufort, ready to check in at the Beaufort Hotel – my personal favorite. With the best brunch in town, waterfront views from the dock, and a happy hour wine tasting, it's the perfect base for your corporate escape.

Beaufort Hotel Highlights:

  • Brunch with a view.
  • Dockside relaxation
  • Happy hour wine tasting
  • Bike Rentals 

Team Bonding and Exploration

Downtime at the hotel offers opportunities for poolside relaxation, bike rides, and exploration of Beaufort's nightlife. An evening oyster roast with Local Seafood Catering and live music is a fantastic way to immerse your team in North Carolina's culture.

Ocracoke Island Adventure

The following day, your team can choose their own adventure – a private boat charter, downtown shopping, or a day at Atlantic Beach. A unique aspect of Beaufort is its proximity to Ocracoke, a special island town in the Outer Banks. With British accents and the charm of a bygone era, it's a true escape from the ordinary.

Dinner with a View

Cap off your team's busy day with dinner at Moonrakers, within walking distance of the hotel. Picture this: enjoying a delicious crab cake while watching wild horses roam – a dining experience like no other.

My Final Takeaway

Beaufort and the North Carolina coast offer a wholesome and laid-back environment, providing the perfect backdrop for a team offsite that's both unique and affordable. As much as I'd love to keep this charming town a secret, the allure of Beaufort makes it an ideal spot for a corporate getaway that breaks free from the conventional.

So, when planning your next corporate offsite, consider thinking outside the box and exploring a small town. Beaufort's charm, tranquility, and authenticity create an unforgettable experience that your team will cherish. Here's to discovering hidden gems and creating lasting memories beyond the typical corporate setting!

Happy Travels 


Molly, AllFly Team Member

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