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What Makes Quest Special

Let’s be honest about something up front. 

There are a lot of options out there in the market when it comes to B2B travel booking software. AllFly and BoomPop have partnered up to ensure executing your next team offsite goes off without a hitch. 

When it comes to evaluating travel booking platforms, the 800 pound gorilla in the room is Concur. 

If you are unfamiliar with Concur, it's your parent’s corporate booking tool of yester-year. It features a user interface that makes Amazon look like a shiny new Mercedes Benz. If GenZ was describing Concur, they’d likely say:

“It’s giving yellow pages vibes.”

And while it's easy to point out what’s where legacy platforms fall short, it is functional, has tons of customers, and is a reasonable choice when looking for a product that handles travel plus expense management. 

And those words are key – expense management

So many of today’s travel platforms are really expense platforms that bolt on travel as an afterthought, making travel a second class citizen to the overall product experience.

And again, in the spirit of honesty, submitting an expense report for work isn’t that complicated. Especially when compared to the complexity and ever changing nature of business travel. 

Rather than starting with building an expense platform, we turned the product development process on its head and started with building the easiest, fastest way to book travel for meetings and events. 

We set out to solve the hardest problem first. 

How do you empower companies to easily manage travel for their next team offsite or incentive trip? The answer(s) to this question also answer what makes AllFly corporate travel booking platform, Quest so special .

It all starts with “Events”

Inside of Quest, we built the concept of an Event. In talking with customers, often travel for meetings & events accounts for over 50% of total travel spend. Traveling for meetings is different from booking everyday transient business travel. 

Creating an “event” allows company travel managers to do a few magical things:

  • Manage which users are eligible to attend the event
  • Create permissions around guest travel, including who pays for the guest
  • Enforce event level travel policy
  • Get event level reports, including arrival and departure lists

Bleisure travel is hear to stay

Although we don’t love the word “bleisure” it is certainly a trend that is here to stay. Employees are extending business trips and taking some personal time, often bringing along loved ones and families. 

This trend needs to be supported inside of travel products. 

Quest has a series of controls that allow companies the ability to approve or reject trip extensions. 

Guest & un-profiled travelers are handled with ease

Expense platforms like Concur don’t even allow you to shop flights for more than 1 person. Platforms that are built for expense management first don’t have the concept of a guest. 

In 1999, John from sales simply went on his business trip for 2 days, came home, uploaded receipts, and was reimbursed. In 2023, businesses travel in a whole new way. The company offsite, the President’s Club trip, they often make room for employees to let a guest tag along. 

Inside of travel products, guests need to be labeled, identified, and empowered. 

With AllFly Quest, we built a flexible ecosystem and set of controls that make guests first class citizens inside the platform.