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AllFly Meetings is a software platform designed to allow companies to easily book air travel for their next event, incentive, meeting, or team offsite. Each company gets their own unique travel booking engine. AllFly Meetings allows companies and planners to streamline operations, control costs, and ensure they have complete control and insight over their travel program.

If you have an upcoming meeting, incentive, or team offsite and are in need of help when it comes to booking air travel, you are in the right place.

Our team specializes in working with companies who are putting on events, and need everyone to fly into a specific location on budget and as efficiently as possible.

This blog post is a comprehensive guide to all things working with AllFly. The breakdown is as follows:

  1. AllFly’s solutions for event booking
  2. Getting started with AllFly
  3. Product demo
  4. How we help companies save money
  5. How does support work?
  6. Payment and pricing
  7. Frequently asked questions
  8. Link to AllFly Meetings sales deck

Two solutions for event booking

You have two options when partnering with AllFly to address your travel needs. Most clients choose to have AllFly create their company a customized online booking platform, which can be distributed to attendees via a unique link. We also offer a white glove service-- some clients opt for our agents to contact travelers directly or book flights off a registration list.

Which way ever you choose, the AllFly experience is backed by a wonderful service team that is with you every step of your trip.

Agent driven bookings

Call it "old school," call it "white glove service," if you wish to have our agent team interact directly with travelers we can certainly go that route. There are two flavors of agent-assisted bookings.

First, we can email flight in-policy options to your attendees.

Second, should you want to limit choice and control spend on your trip, you can give our team a list of attendees and have our agent team book the best available option.

Online booking tool - AllFly Quest

Most companies opt to use our online booking tool (Quest) to have their attendees browse in-policy flights and make a selection that best suits their individual travel preference. Once your company has an account, you can distribute access to Quest by sending a unique link to your attendees. AllFly Meetings is custom built by our in-house development team and is packed with features that meet the needs of the modern business traveler. These include:

  • Guest bookings
  • Advance flight shopping
  • Discount codes
  • Social bookings (we display how many people at your company have booked certain flights)
  • Split payment for upgrades
  • Split payment for deviations
  • Live arrival and departure reports
  • 24/7 customer support

If there is ever an issue, or a traveler needs assistance, they can quickly contact our team.

Getting started with AllFly

We kick off each new event with a brief introduction and demo of the product. During this call, we confirm all of the details of your trip. These include:

  • Trip name
  • Destination
  • Travel dates
  • Estimated attendee count
  • Arrival and departure time restrictions
  • Travel policy (flight caps, approvals, class of service)

We do provide each client a demo of AllFly Quest, answering any questions along the way.

Once the demo is over, we follow up with an email and ask you to provide a list of attendees via Google Sheets, Excel, or CSV. In that list, please include:

  • Legal name
  • Email
  • Home city (if possible please list the home airport, but we can work with city and state)

How billing works

We bill two times during the trip process.

First, prior booking travel, we require the company to submit a per passenger deposit. Typically, for domestic travelers, the per passenger deposit is $350. Once the deposit is collected, we will book flights against the total collected amount. 95% of the trips, we go over the deposit. In the rare case that we spend less on flight than the amount we collect, we simply return the unused funds.

Once we have all of the flights booked, we will issue a final invoice.

Companies typically enjoy our billing process and it prevents having to reimburse all of the travelers individually.

Product Demo

How we help companies save money

We understand that in the current environment, every dollars counts. With that said, we do balance cost with value. From the inception of our company, we have always aimed to provide the best possible travel experience, period.

Over the years, we’ve watched other travel management companies mail it in on their clients. The large players treat smaller clients as just another number in a spread sheet and aim to provide service that is “just good enough.”

We’ve seen this and built the opposite force into our business. When you book with AllFly, we constantly look for ways to optimize your program. Here are some of them:

  1. When possible, we book group contracts to help save money. Group contracts require 10+ passengers to be on the same flight. They offer a bunch of awesome benefits, like delayed final payments and free name changes.
  2. We set up meeting contracts with various airlines. This provides 2%-10% off ticket prices depending on route, time of year, and class of service.
  3. We provide free cancellations on Delta, American, and United. Should you cancel on any of these airlines, we refund the amount of the ticket, minus a $50 penalty. Normally, when passengers cancel, that credit sits on the passengers account, making that money good as gone.
  4. When booking inside of AllFly Meetings, we show the passengers what flights their colleagues are on (we protect their privacy though, so we just show a count). This encourages people to arrive at the same time, which streamlines ground transportation.
  5. Discounted international business fares. When flying international business, we can offer up to 30% off select flights.
  6. Streamlined accounting. By billing the estimated flight amount prior to the onset of booking, we simplify accounting.

How does support work?

The level of white glove service we provide our customers is a point of pride at AllFly. We offer 24/7 phone support to all of our customers.

During business hours (Monday-Friday: 9am-6pm), we can be reached:

After hours, we can be reached at:

We can always be reached by email:

Payment and pricing

Let’s cut to the chase. We charge $35 per passenger. Typically, our clients report up to a 15% savings when using AllFly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will our travelers get points?

Yes. There will be two opportunities for attendees to put in their airline loyalty points, during account creation and then again at checkout.

Can travelers upgrade and pay the difference?

Yes. Should the company authorize main cabin, but the traveler wants to book business class, we bill the traveler directly the difference in fare. For example, say Main Cabin is $400 but first class is $1,200– we would bill the company $400 and the traveler $800.

Can the traveler bring a guest?

Yes. We can also split bill for the guest.

Can travelers upgrade using their points?

Typically yes, but travelers must upgrade after they receive their tickets from AllFly. This functionality varies from airline to airline.

When needs to cancel, what's the process?

Travelers wishing to change or cancel their flights will need to contact one of our team members to initiate the chance.

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